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QQ Chat is friendship, romance, business and language exchange. The free multilanguage chat you've been waiting for.

If you don't have Facebook you can always download QQ International for Windows or Mac

Easy and for Everyone

Free, no download needed: it's QQ for your Facebook. Find a world of new friends or reconnect with old ones by adding their QQ or WeChat account. The app is compatible with all major browsers and runs on all devices.

No Language Barriers

QQ Chat comes with a built-in translator. Chatting with Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Japanese speakers? No problem! You can improve your foreign language skills, keep in touch with international business partners, make friends...

Global Citizens' Choice

Extend your horizons. Discover and add new people from over 80 countries via an intuitive interface. The entire QQ network at your fingertips - safe, easy to access, and all from your favorite browser.

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