Safety Tips for Your Digital Life

Digital life never comes free of threats and dangers: being behind a screen doesn't preserve you from harm, crime, or malicious third-parties. QQ Chat does its best by providing you with a safe and sound environment for your entertainment and chatting, however your online safety is your sole responsibility: you, as a user, should always keep your eyes wide open and use common sense as you would in real life.

Here are some general guidelines for when you're chatting online:
  • Never reveal sensitive or personal information to people you don't fully trust: your own personal passwords, identity details, and financial information are never to be released online.
  • Don't trust people posing as some "official person" of any kind and asking you personal information
  • If somebody approaches you with any sort of offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Be reasonable.
  • Keep your operating system and browser up to date, never access websites or download software suggested by suspicious sources.
  • If you discover any on-going online criminal activity please don't get involved and report it to us and your local authorities.

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